Self-Standing, Self-Supporting, Rapid-Deployment Tower Highlights:

No Permanent Foundation Required

Easy to Stand Up (Less than 3 hours)


Quick Standing (Requires Crane)

Movable (Easily taken down / moved to other sites)

Heavy Duty Welded Steel Frame

Carrier Grade Heavy Duty, Rigid and stiff Design for Antenna Stability Large Antenna Load

High Wind Capable

Easy to Climb and work on Equipment

o Climb on the inside of the tower

o Integrated Built-In Internal Ladder. Climbable ladder all the way up to top of tower

Standing Work Platforms

o Located at 33 feet (for 40 tower)

o Located at 33 feet and 70 (for 40 tower)

o Located at 33 feet, 70 and 107 (for 120 tower)

o The Standing Platform at 33 feet that can easily fit two people (all tower heights)

o The Standing Platforms at 70 and 107 easily fits one person

Eleven Integrated 7 foot vertical Antenna Mounting 2 3/8 Diameter Tubes around 33 Platform

Align Antennas from inside Platform (behind antennas)

Integrated Base Design and Ballast

Integrated Tower Support Pendants and Guying

Multiple Options Available

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